The Modern Meeting Room

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12 - 02 - 18

In the same way that people would dress for success, meeting rooms should be fully equipped with up-to-date technology in order to make the most of the meeting and impress conference attendees.

A meeting room has long been the backbone of every business, but many are out dated and tired with archaic technologies often causing disruptions rather than improving efficiency. A modern meeting space however will enable successful collaboration and allow clients or associates to meet, strategize, and brainstorm in an environment that caters to every need.

There are many ways to refresh your conference room, from electrical installations to comprehensive cabling solutions and advanced technical support, so here’s what you should consider.

Meeting Room Booking Systems

Revolutionise your organisation’s meeting patterns by optimising resources with a meeting room booking manager. Long gone are the days of double bookings, confusion or wandering from room to room finding an empty space. A booking room manager, such as the Evoko, integrates seamlessly with your existing email sever allowing your affiliates to book meeting rooms quickly.

Each meeting room is supplied with a room booking manager device that provides a touch-screen solution for meeting schedules. Book directly on the screen, on your calendar software or even on the go through a smartphone or tablet. All the information you need is displayed on the screen as soon as you walk up to the device, so you always have the most relevant details in an instant.

The Evoko Liso is the next generation room manager revolutionising the way you collaborate and taking the confusion and hassle out of meeting room bookings. Compact and sleek in design, this room manager solution ensures all your meeting rooms are being used efficiently. The glowing green or red light on the display will show you in one quick glance if a room is vacant.

Evoko Liso – Room Managment System

Meeting room booking systems also provide a multitude of other features and functions. As well as reserving meeting rooms, you can use the system to deliver intelligence on room and resource usage, and book catering and other AV technologies. Many room management platforms also work with indoor navigation to offer turn-by-turn directions. Once installed, you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

Cable Management Solutions

Cable management is often one of the last considerations when planning an office or meeting room but can make all the difference to the feel and usability of the space. A seemingly “cordless” conference room eliminates trip hazards and clutter, and creates a professional working environment.

Desk Management Unit

A comprehensive range of cable management solutions are available including desk top and flip-up cable power stations as well as data modules that can be fitted into desktops and boardroom tables.

While the most professional-looking meeting rooms seem simple in design, there’s often a lot more than meets the eye. Not only do advancements in conference room technology help us to collaborate, but also contemporary design and function enables us to use the space more efficiently.

At NeXT Systems our highly skilled electrical team specialises in electrical design, installations, maintenance and repairs. We offer LCD and AV solutions installations, cabling health check services, technical support and ICT network solutions to help you manage your devices and make the most of your meeting rooms.

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