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Cabling Health Check

Proof YOUR business with a Next Systems Cabling Health Check!

At Next Systems, we’ve developed a comprehensive and rigorous Cabling Health Check specifically designed to prevent your business from being held back by inadequate data capabilities. There are five key elements:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Site Audit
  • Random Testing
  • Planning
  • Reporting

Working within the education, commercial, telecommunications, and government sectors, our engineers, using equipment and components designed for the job, ensure that we meet even the most demanding network requirements. So, whether you’re planning a new office, a home network installation, or a much larger project, we work closely with our partners to deliver telecoms and IT-related services, including the IT system installation and support, telephony systems and audio visual solutions.

Visual Inspection

Experiencing slow data flow rates and downtime? Many time-consuming failures can be caused by a lack of, or inadequate, termination practices that can result in potential, sometimes severe, network interruption. This is often the cause of underlying problems with your cabling network.

Our highly experienced engineers will carry out an on-site Visual Inspection, establishing whether any patch panels and user outlet terminations meet manufacturers’ and international standards, and make any recommendations regarding your cabling requirements.

Site Audit

Identified a critical performance issue? Want to upgrade your network to deliver higher data transfer rates or migrate to VoIP? It is more than possible that your cabling may not have been installed with sufficient flexibility to accommodate these changes; or the cables may not have been installed in accordance with the appropriate standards and compliance requirements; or they could have become damaged over time.

Whatever your requirements or identified issues, our Next Systems engineers are highly skilled and possess the expertise to identify, trace and map your cabling. We will clearly identify faulty cabling, determine redundancy incidences, provide an assessment of your data flow rates, and confirm the integrity of your patch panels and data points.

Random Testing

Our engineers, using the latest diagnostic equipment, will carry out rigorous spot checks to find out whether your existing cabling complies with national and international standards, quickly identifying potential fail-points, network slowdowns and loss of connectivity, and pinpointing physical capacity and signal strength.


At Next Systems, we will go beyond your existing requirements and look to the future, exploring opportunities to expand your network to accommodate your ever-changing needs in the future. Our knowledgeable consultants work closely with you to plan and develop an effective cabling solutions that has the flexibility and capability to support your ongoing needs.


Once we have completed our comprehensive Cabling Health Check, we will provide you with an in-depth report of the results, highlighting our key findings in a management summary including supporting evidence and our full, detailed recommendations.

Your personal Cabling Health Check report will include:

  • An appraisal and diagnosis of your existing cabling installations on the physical level.
  • Identifying areas where data cabling has been installed incorrectly, or placed under physical strain.
  • Highlight areas of your structured cabling network that requires remedial work, and make our recommendations.
  • Results of spare capacity testing within the existing cabling system.
  • Results of data loss tracking due to the proximity of electrical current, incorrect or poorly fitted terminations, loom wiring and trunking capacity.

The Benefit to You

Our Cabling Health Check offers you the following technical and commercial advantages that you just can’t ignore!

  • Ensuring your data flows securely and efficiently at all times.
  • Reducing the risk of costly failures and downtime due to faulty cabling.
  • Understanding the potential spare capacity within your existing structured cabling system, enabling you to maximise return on investment (ROI) wherever possible.
  • The secure knowledge that you’re cabling infrastructure has the capacity and integrity to accommodate all your future needs.
  • The peace of mind that only comes from knowing that your cabling has been rigorously tested, checked and deployed effectively, according to international industry standards, and now meets, indeed exceeds, your needs!

For more information and to book your comprehensive Cabling Health Check, contact us today.